Titanfall 2 – The immersive clothing line

In preparation for the launch of Titanfall 2, in the 28th of next month, Merchoid unveiled their Premium line of Titanfall 2 clothing. If you’re up and hyped about this, then go and check it out as it’s already on sale. The gear consists of a hoodie, a pilot bomber jacket, six t-shirt models and an embossed cap, most of them featuring the distinctive letter A from the title font. The t-shirts have faction logos as well as pilot signs and are made of 100% pure cotton.

The bomber jacket carries various thematic details such as a dull black “XA-8” written on an arm pocket while the A and the number 64 are featured prominently on the jacket front (the latter probably referring to the CPU that’s needed to run the thing on a PC). The hoodie on the other hand has an armour-like design with a big red logo on the back. In any case, if you you’re really into the Titanfall franchise, you owe it to yourself to check out this fresh new collection. Or just as Merchoid’s  Jessica Adams puts it:

“Gaming merchandise has come a long way from the badly printed logos on t-shirts of yesteryear. We want our clothing to rival the quality of high end fashion stores and celebrate your favourite games in cool, unique, subtle ways.  The Titanfall 2 Premium Collection is our latest offering in this style. Preordering the Titanfall Premium Collection is the best way to prepare for Titanfall.”

Preordering sounds fine, but the page shows the items to be in limited quantity. So it’s either that they made them specifically in limited numbers, or they’re selling like hot cakes already (probably both).