A New Apple TV?

Yesterday, Filings from the FCC (Filings from the Federal Communication Commission) have released a new Apple Product with the model number A1844, which has currently not been assigned to any Apple Product. The hardware inside and the screw placement are in line with the existing Apple TVs, although it is not perfectly identical. But what would align also, is the timing for the release. This year we should also expect a new set of MacBook’s. But a update to the Apple TV is very possible. Along with the technical details Apple submitted the documents for testing Bluetooth and NFC radios within the device. Apple haven’t really pushed towards NFC except the use of it within their Apple Pay iPhones. There is no Wi-Fi mentioned that shouldn’t be red flag as they are most probably using the one they had in the recent Apple TV therefore, not requiring re-testing.

What Specifications And Features Can We Expect to see?

4K HDR Video, is a possibility as other streaming devices such as the new Playstation’s and Xbox’s support this as well. It may have some features like amazon echo, a smart home device but just keep in mind that’s only a possibility.

This device should be a cheap, 4K streaming device aiming towards taking over your traditional TV box just like the Roku And Amazon Fire have attempted and for most people, achieved.

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