New Halo update for Reach fix issues on Xbox One

Halo Reach is getting an update to fix some of the many problems the Backwards Compatibility version has, the update launches on October 7th.

Halo: Reach is one of Backwards Compatibility’s biggest issues, the Xbox 360 fan favorite became available for the Backwards Compatibility program on December 17th 2015 but it’s nearly unplayable on the Xbox One and any attempt to update it has barely fixed a thing.

Issues reported by Digital Foundry in December included “frame drops below 15fps…inconsistent frame persistence…sluggish texture loading”. It isn’t the Xbox One’s fault, Reach was made using a lot of tricks regarding how to use V-sync and a consistent 30 frames per second lock, so trying to emulate it directly ends up in disaster in terms of performance.

There were a couple a updates across the year to fix Halo: Reach but to no avail, however in September 19th, an update dropped with the objective to fix the performance issues of the Gears of War games and a fan asked Xbox Platform Program Manager Bill Stillwell when would Halo: Reach get a similar update, with Stillwell’s response being “Not yet, but close…”. So if the October 7th patch focuses on making the game perform better then all of the pieces fit.

Halo: Reach being optimally playable on Xbox One would be a great victory for the console, especially because the game is not available on the Master Chief Collection and a lot of Halo fans love it, Phil Spencer has expressed his desire to make every single first party Xbox 360 exclusive “playable on Xbox One”, and a working Reach is a step closer to reaching that goal.