New Battleborn Update Coming 10/13

Developer Gearbox Software has revealed the details of the latest update for Battleborn.

The update will affect all platforms (PlayStation, PC, and Xbox), and will rollout on Thursday, 10/13. The update will include quite a few balance changes, some bug fixes, performance improvements, and what the developer refers to as “quality of life improvements.” One of the most notable changes is that collision with allies has been removed from the game. The update notes state that when a player attempts to “stand inside an ally” now, the game will “gently nudge the players apart;” bullets and other projectiles will also no longer be blocked by friendly players.

In addition to fixes and balance changes, the 10/13 update adds a new PVP mode called “Face-Off” and the game’s first Story Operation, “Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion.” Gearbox defines Story Operations as “side stories that expand upon Battleborn hero lore.”

Battleborn has reportedly not met sales expectations since its launch back in May, and recently rumors have swirled that the game may soon adopt a Free-to-Play model. Gearbox, however, has denied any such claims.

The full 10/13 update notes for each platform can be viewed here: UPDATE