Raindrop Sprinters, an arcade indie gem with simple controls and cute cats, is on eShop now

Raindrop Sprinters, a fixed-screen action game that hit the Switch eShop last week, offers retro arcade simplicity.

The game, from solo developer Shuhei Miyazawa (Room_909) and publisher Mediascape, involves guiding a cat through passages while dodging rain. It’s a simple game with a classic visual style (the Switch’s underused Tate Mode can be used to play it), but riskier moves earn more points.

Raindrop Sprinters improves on Miyazawa’s free game ‘Raindrop’ with the same premise. This former title attracted many players and was praised by VVVVVV’s Terry Cavanagh, Spelunky’s Derek Yu, and Super Hydorah’s Locomalito.

The developer has more information and screenshots about the game:

Move left and right. Press a button for slow-motion.
The controls are simple, but the game is filled with fun secrets!
You’ll need to make risky plays to find them.
First, try running non-stop to the goal four times!

[Game modes]
This game has four different game modes.

– Standard: Just avoid the rain
– Customize: Choose your own items and obstacles
– Onrush: Enjoy playing with slow-motion
– Maverick: Keep catching the rain

Get the hang of each mode and aim for one million points!
Reach the goal five times at the max level to see the ending!

– Network rankings
– Vertical (tate) mode
– Pixel-perfect option

Raindrop Sprinters is available for £6.82 / €7.99 / $8.70 on the Switch eShop and is 15% off until September 13 in all regions except Japan to celebrate its launch.