Mirror’s Edge 2 concept art revealed ahead of E3

Electronic Arts unveiled a concept image of Mirror’s Edge 2 in anticipation for the upcoming E3 reveal. We know the game will make an appearance at the event thanks to the #E32014 hashtag that appears alongside the picture. The concept art image depicts our protagonist Faith looking ready to run through the game’s unnamed futuristic city. Mirror’s Edge 2 is being developed by DICE, the company behind titles such as Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Battlefield 4, the upcoming Battlefield Hardline, and of course the original Mirror’s Edge. The next installation in the series will be a prequel that tells the origin story of Faith.

Back in 2008, it was revealed that EA plans on turning Mirror’s Edge into a trilogy. “The story we’re telling at the moment is kind of a trilogy, a three-story arc,” said Owen O’Brien, senior game producer. While not a whole lot was revealed by the company, we do have quite a bit of info regarding the game thanks to a number of leaks. First off, we know that Mirror’s Edge 2 will be a total reboot that will feature a large open world for players to explore. We also know that the game will  have a component that requires you to be online at all times. 

This only goes for multiplayer as far as we know so we assume you will be able to play the single player campaign without having to be online. Mirror’s Edge 2 will have more enemy variety than the original title. Among these AI opponents we find Protectors, Sentinels, and Enforcers. Some of these enemies will be quite challenging given that they will be using guns while you will not. The combat system has received an overhaul and now revolves more around speed and fluidity. However, the main focus will of course be the parkour mechanics just like in the original Mirror’s Edge.

According to the latest announcement, Mirror’s Edge 2 is scheduled to be released sometime during 2016. The game is being developed only for the Xbox One, PS4, and the PC. DICE said last year that “the design of [the new Mirror’s Edge] and the online and technical capabilities of the game design make it only possible on a gen 4 [PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One] machine.” Mirror’s Edge 2 will be featured at EA’s E3 media briefing, which takes place June 9 at 12 P.M. PDT. Stay tuned for all the latest news and updates from this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.