Laser Disco Defenders PS4 Anouncement

I feel sorry for disco at times, particularly with the way that people look back on it. It was a very popular movement back in the day, but isn’t looked on very fondly nowadays. Particularly telling when it is most commonly referred to in the term “deader than disco.” Although some people still seem to have fond memories of the time, and are trying to utilize it in modern works. Laser Disco Defenders is one such game. The game has been out for some time on PC and PS Vita, but the game will soon be coming to PS4 on November 15.

Laser Disco Defenders is a game with a focus on survival and replaying over and over again. Gameplay borrows from Binding of Issac and Geometry Wars, with players shooting down enemies in a 2D environment. In a twist, missed shots from players don’t merely disappear, they rebound. A careless player will find a level flooded with their own shots and will eventually get hit by one. In order to prevent frustration, the game will use procedurally generated levels. Players are expected to die often in Laser Disco Defenders, and the developers wish to avoid them becoming frustrated at replaying the same levels. The plan is for players to be given a fresh experience each time as they slowly learn to be more cautious with their lasers.

As the name would suggest, Laser Disco Defenders has a heavy disco feel to it. The soundtrack borrows heavily from it, with it being referred to as “groovy.” Characters are clad in the same outrageous outfits that thrived back in the 70s, and the lasers have the vibrant colors to match the tone. Customization options will be unlock able as well, adding even more to the blatant disco feel of the game. Even the naming reflects the spirit of the era, with the player fighting Lord Monotone and keeping him from using the Mirror Moon. It’s game designed to appeal to nostalgia from the ground up.