Nier: Automata could release on Xbox One

Nier was an Action RPG released in 2010 that originally had mixed reviews, but over time perspective around it has changed and now many consider it a cult classic. A sequel called Nier: Automata was announced on E3 2015 during the Square Enix Conference but it confused many because at first, the only platform it was announced for was the Playstation 4. Some said that the fact that the original Nier released on the Xbox 360 made the lack of an Xbox One version a missed opportunity, while others said that the market isn’t the same it was years ago and changes should be expected. But, according to producer Yosuke Saito, an Xbox One release is in consideration, although its highly dependent on how well the game performs during release.

The possibility isn’t completely shocking, after all, a PC version was announced back in August 2016 and developer Platinum Games never made a comment regarding an agreed exclusivity with Sony regarding Nier: Automata. Saito stated that the future of an Xbox release depends on how successful the initial launch of the title on both the PC and PS4 platforms ends up being. However, Square Enix has stated similar things in the past about certain games releasing on Xbox One, particularly with the cases of bringing the Kingdom Hearts games to Xbox, or the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, both of which haven’t released on Xbox One (yet). So maybe we have to take Saito’s words with a grain of salt.

I believe that every big japanese developer (especially Square) is waiting to see how Final Fantasy XV performs on the Xbox One, because it’s the biggest japanese game releasing for it since the console launched. If the game ends up selling well, I can assure that we will see more JRPGs on the Xbox One. If it fails then you can expect Square Enix to forget about the Xbox brand when it comes to japanese titles like Nier: Automata.