Candle Released on Steam

Gaming has certainly changed since its inception, particularly in how games are released. It’s easier to get a game released now than it ever has been before. Gone are the days where a developer would have to go through a major console manufacturer. Now, particularly with the days of the internet, more and more platforms are becoming available. Not just Steam, but Humble Bundle, GOG and even privately owned websites. Among these, though, Steam continues to be the most popular option. It certainly was for Candle, an indie game that has just recently been released on the store front.

Candle is a game developed by Daedalic and Teku Studios set in a strange world. It centers around a man, seemingly made out of wood, called Teku, and his quest to rescue his tribe’s shaman. Said shaman has been kidnapped by a nearby and hostile tribe, called the Wakcha. Teku has more to worry about that simply the Wakcha however, the world itself is his enemy. One wrong step will spell death for him. The only tool that he has at his disposal is the titular candle, a key part of his tribe’s religion. He will have to utilize it in order to survive on his trip.

Candle is taking a very unique approach to its presentation. Its visuals will be comprised entirely of watercolors, all of them hand drawn. This will be combined with the main gameplay mechanic of Candle, puzzle solving. Players will have to pay close attention to the environment and utilize the fire of the titular object in order to progress. The flames will be able to, as one would expect, light up dark areas, as well as fend off dangerous enemies. A soundtrack and an art book for the game will also soon be released.