Pokémon Scarlet And Violet Unveil a Brand New Mythical Pokémon

After over a year of continuous updates, The Pokémon Company has concluded Pokémon Scarlet & Violet with a final chapter. As part of this (spoiler alert), a new mythical Pokémon called Pecharunt has been officially introduced. It is a poison- or ghost-type Pokémon.

Here’s a comprehensive overview of Pecharunt, provided by the Pokémon website:

Pecharunt: Somewhere in the land of Kitakami, a legendary Pokémon known as Pecharunt has been patiently biding its time, ready to emerge once again.

Relies on its cleverness to stay alive by offering Binding Mochi as sustenance to others: This Pokémon uses the toxic substance it produces from its shell to create a special treat called Binding Mochi, which it offers to both humans and other Pokémon. Pecharunt then utilizes chains to manipulate individuals who consume its Binding Mochi, a delectable treat that seems to awaken the innermost desires and abilities of those who partake in it. Pecharunt can also be quite cunning. As an illustration, it may pretend to be weak by crying and behaving like an infant in order to elicit sympathy from others.

Heading to Kitakami to Acquire the Masks: Legend has it that in ancient times, Pecharunt embarked on a journey to Kitakami alongside its loyal companions, whom it had gained control over using its Binding Mochi. Their mission was to obtain a set of masks that were highly desired by an elderly couple residing with Pecharunt. Pecharunt found itself caught up in a fierce conflict with Ogerpon over the masks, which unfortunately led to Pecharunt’s ultimate defeat. It retreated into its shell and, as time passed, gained a reputation among the locals as the Everlasting Peach. What seems like a simple ornament in a store is actually Pecharunt, eagerly biding its time to come back.​

Introducing a fresh addition to the game: Poison Puppeteer. Pecharunt’s Poison Puppeteer makes its debut in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero. This Ability triggers confusion in Pokémon that are affected by Pecharunt’s moves and are either poisoned or badly poisoned.

Introducing a new move: Malignant Chain. This powerful attack unleashes a toxic chain that has the potential to inflict severe poisoning on its target.

As part of the epilogue release in Scarlet & Violet, TPC has also introduced a new distribution event. Players now have the opportunity to unlock a Neo-Kitakami case through the Mystery Gift feature. Here is the code you’ll need to redeem this item: NE0R0T0MC0VER