Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince Version 1.0.3 is now available, and we have the complete patch notes for you to check out.

Square Enix has expressed its commitment to enhancing Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince on the Nintendo Switch. Recently, a new update, Version 1.0.3, was released to further improve the game.

This patch brings a range of updates to the system, addressing various issues and making a few additional tweaks. The team has expressed their commitment to continuously improving the game by addressing any bugs and making necessary functional adjustments. The official Square Enix support page has provided the detailed breakdown of the most recent patch update, which is as follows:

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, Version 1.0.3:

System-related updates

• You can now access the Altar of Amalgamation on the B1 of Rosehill Tower by using the Zoom spell.
• The number of monster eggs in the field has increased, and the number of battles required to respawn them has been greatly reduced.
• Monsters that can only be born from eggs now have an increased probability of appearance.
• The probability of the possession of some skills by monsters born from eggs has increased.
• Some talent scrolls are now added to the items in the Online Shop after the game’s ending. The Online Shop updates its stock every day (real-world days rather than in-game days), and talent scrolls will be sold on certain days of the week.
• The icon indicating the player’s current location on the map now has increased visibility.
• The probability of some special skills and talents that can cause stunts has been reduced.
• The overall success rate of Show of Force has been increased by 10% in the game.
• In the additional downloadable content “Mole Hole,” monsters will be respawned randomly without you leaving the dungeon after defeating or scouting the monsters in each level.
• In the additional downloadable content “Coach Joe’s Dungeon Gym,” the number of times the new Dungeon can be generated has been increased from once a day to three times a day.
• In the additional downloadable content “Coach Joe’s Dungeon Gym,” the number of treasure trunks found in the Dungeon with difficulty levels of ★, ★★, and ★★★ has increased.

Bug Fixes

• The frequency of errors causing forced shutdowns of the game has been reduced.
• The internet disconnection issue, which causes matches to end during online battles, has been addressed.
• Fixed a bug that could cause the game to freeze under certain conditions when the seasons change.
• Fixed a bug that could cause the game to become unable to progress when certain meat was given to a monster during a battle.
Several other bugs have been fixed.

Some people

There is a treasure chest on the B1 floor of Rosehill Tower that holds two bumper bonus balls.

We will continue to investigate and make improvements to address any issues and enhance functionality.