Microsoft Released Six new Backwards Compatibility games for Xbox One

In case you got tired of your existing Xbox One games, we have some good news: Microsoft released six new backward compatibility games for your consoles. Even though when the Xbox 360 was launched, the tech giant only released around 100 backward compatibility games that could be played on the Xbox One, only one year later, gamers can choose from approximately 280 games of this kind. Among the latest additions to the backward compatibility list, you will find Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3, Guardian Heroes and Operation Flashpoint: Red River, Blue Dragon, and others. Who said that Microsoft doesn’t care about the wellbeing of their customers? Of course, the release of backward compatibility games for Xbox One will not stop here. According to the company, cited by Express, the library will continue to grow in the upcoming period as well.

Naturally, with this occasion, Microsoft also announced the Xbox Gold November 2016 games. these will become available this week. XboxOne users can play Super Dungeon Bros and Murdered: Soul Suspect. The first one will be available until the end of the month, while the latter will become available starting November 16 and it will remain that way until December 15. Until November 15, Xbox 360 users will find the Monkey Island: SE available. This game is also available in Xbox One Backwards compatibility mode. Between November 16 and 30 Xbox users will also find that the Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is available, both for the 360, and in backward compatibility.

Given the fact that the weather is quickly turning into a bad and wintery one, playing games will probably become the main thing to do these days. This is why we salute the new games and are eager to see what else Microsoft has for us. The holiday season is approaching, so it’s highly likely that we will see a great number of new games launched, or relaunched, in the next couple of weeks. What are your favorite games? You can leave us a comment and tell us all about them.

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