Nintendo Switch could get new 3D Mario as launch title

The Nintendo Switch captured the attention of the general public successfully thanks to a captivating trailer. The Switch combined an innovative concept with a selection of games that looked surprisingly good for a first trailer: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Splatoon and Mario Kart 8 ports, Skyrim Special Edition; it got people talking, to say the least. But the game that gathered the most attention was a completely new 3D Mario apparently exclusive to Nitendo Switch, which made fans wonder when it’s going to release and what will be its name. And according to journalist Laura Dale, we could get this 3D Mario title as soon as March 2017, because it looks like it is going to release as a Switch launch title.

Ms. Dale reported that the new 3D Mario game is planned for release alongside the Nintendo Switch on all territories, with a confirmed name still being unknown. It will be similar to other Mario classics like Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy, due to it focusing on worlds that have multiple objectives inside of them, instead of following a single linear path that has limited exploration. If a new Mario game launches with the Switch that would make it the fastest 3D Mario game to reveal after its release, with only 5 months (October) between announcement and release. Astonishingly, it looks like it will feature a first for open world Mario game, two player co-op, where both players have the same capabilities of control and liberties when it comes to player movement.

Another 3D Mario could sound like a rehash and a repeated concept, but remember we haven’t seen an original 3D open world Mario game since the release of Super Mario Galaxy back in 2007. Personally, the concept of open world co-op really has gotten my attention because the times I’ve heard of something similar are quite sparse. The Nintendo Switch releases on March 2017, and we will know then if the reports were right or not.