Possibility Pokemon GO is coming to Apple Watch

While previously it was reported that Pokemon GO had been cancelled on the Apple Watch, a spokesperson from Niantic (the company responsible for the Pokemon GO app) revealed to Gamespot that nothing is official yet, the app is still in development and there will be more news on the subject soon.

The rumours of cancellation had sparked when 9to5Mac had reported that, according to their source, development for the app on the Apple Watch had been cancelled. Below is a video of the Apple live stream in September, where they introduced the demo.

The video presents how the app would work on the Apple Watch, and it’s included features such as showing players how far they must walk to hatch an egg, calories burnt from walking and how far the player has walked.

In other Pokemon GO news, the app has just recently been released in India, with Niantic having partnered with Reliance Jio, a mobile network operator based in India.

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