Tekken 7 in US Will Receive Lucky Chloe

Tekken 7 will be released in Japanese arcades in March of this year. Not long ago, the game’s producer, Katsuhiro Harada, announced a character by the name of Lucky Chloe. After the ire of American fans, Harada announced that the character would not be released in America. Now it seems that was not the truth after all.

About a month ago, Harada had revealed Lucky Chloe to be a fighter in the upcoming Tekken 7. When American fans¬†responded negatively, he released the following message on Twitter: “Calm down and don’t worry. That character are East Asia and Europe exclusive. And I’ll say again, we’ve more new characters on TK7. She is JUST one of them. She will be country exclusive (or region exclusive) character. We don’t include her for your region. That’s why I said calm down and don’t worry.” He then jested at western audiences by stating that he was thinking of making an exclusive “muscular and skinhead character” for American audiences. Now it seems he was just joking, as he took to his Twitter account once again: “Media will see only what they want to see. Then I said just counter sarcasm/joke. Anyway, we promise an experience equal for all players, communities. Haven’t changed since the first Tekken.”

The ninth installment in the Tekken franchise, Tekken 7 will be the first game in the series to make use of the Unreal Engine 4 game engine. While not much has been revealed, Harada has said that this game will serve as the conclusion of the Mishima clan saga. The game will likely see the end of the feud between Heihachi Mishima, his son Kazuya, and his grandson Jin Kazama. A trailer released in July 2014 introduced the backstory regarding Heihachi’s wife, Kazumi, who was killed by him years before the series.

Tekken 7 will release in Japanese arcades in March. It is likely that the game will be ported to consoles. There is no American release date as of yet.