Horatio Update Live in Endless Space 2

Endless Space 2 has been in Early Access for a couple of months now, and is doing fairly well. Four fifths of the reviews on Steam are positive, and feedback overall is quite warm. One major update has already graced the game, adding a new faction along with tiny other additions. In the time since then, Amplitude has been hard at work, and they’ve got results to show for it. A major update has just been released for the game. At the forefront of it is a new major faction that has been added to the game, the Horatio.

The Horatio were present in the first Endless Space, and their backstory has not changed. The product of the ultimate narcissist, they are clones of who he considered the most beautiful person in existence, himself. Gameplay wise, there are quite a few interesting thing about the Horatio. They are capable of assimilating other species, using their genes to strengthen themselves. They have massive bonuses to population, allowing them to sustain more citizens on fewer worlds. Finally, and most interestingly, the Horatio have very unique starships. They can have less modules in total, but have more to pick from. They suffer from trying to be jacks of all trade, but excel at specializing.

There is more than the Horatio in this update, as Amplitude has been listening to its fans. The tech tree has been redesigned into an asymmetrical sphere, much like the first game. Battle systems have also been reworked, smoothing mechanics over and adding a card system. A trio of minor factions have been added, alongside reworking planets along climate and ability. Finally, and most noteworthy, it is possible for planets to rebel. If your approval ratings are too low on a planet, it will take up arms.

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