The Banner Saga 3 Kickstarter Announced

The Banner Saga is a series that has enjoyed a healthy amount of successful, critically and commercially. Originally funded in Kickstarter back in 2012, it tells a rather bleak, yet beautiful story. It focuses on a caravan of survivors fleeing in the face of a massive, encroaching army. An army of sentient suits of armor, long thought defeated, that seems too large to defeat. Combining turned based combat with beautifully hand drawn graphics, the series secured a very unique style. A sequel was released in 2016, and now Stoic Studios is looking to draw the series to a close. The Banner Saga 3 has been announced on Kickstarter.

The Banner Saga 3 is surprisingly not asking for that much, only $200,000. While double what the original game needed, it is still very small compared to other high profile Kickstarter games. The original Banner Saga, even then, managed to raise $700,000, making this goal seem very reasonable. The Banner Saga 3 is doing quite well, at the time of writing it has already reached 55% of its goal with over 2,000 backers. Full disclosure, I have backed this game.

Like just about every Kickstarter out there, The Banner Saga 3 is offering rewards to those who back it. Just about every tier of reward comes with a free copy of the Banner Saga 3. For those who wish to catch up on the series, an optional reward tier is available. Twenty dollars can be added after the game is funded to earn both previous games in the series. Effectively, it’s a two for one deal, considering the prices of both games. There are plenty of other rewards, however. Shirts, backgrounds, hats, the ability to appear in the game, and the title of executive producer (if you have ten thousand dollars to spare.) The Banner Saga has been going for five years, and the projected end to this tale is in December 2018.

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