Red Dead Redemption 2: 14 tricks and tips that will come in handy before you start playing

Before you start playing Red Dead Redemption 2, you’ll want to know a few tips and tricks that will help you throughout the adventure, because a true hero must be prepared from the start and know what awaits him.


One of the biggest releases of the year is Red Dead Redemption 2, the return of a license that has been begged in time and through which we can revive in third virtual person those western movies that marked our childhood. But as you know, there are some very complicated adventures ahead of us in Red Dead Redemption 2, and that’s why we’re here to help you.



Sbobet88 has put together a series of tricks to get you started on Red Dead Redemption 2 that will let you know which decisions are best made when you first encounter some situations in the game.


Use the Dead Eye for animals too


The character’s shooting skills are also very useful for attacking small animals like the fox or the squirrel. This highlights the vital signs of the animals and you can eliminate them directly to get skins.


Increase affinity with your horse

If you increase your affinity with your horse you will be able to unlock more skills. For example, level two of linkage will make it more like the classic style of the Wild West. In level three the horse will be able to make a sharp turn to change direction. If you reach level four the horse will be able to attack its sides which gives you certain advantages.


You can vary the interface

It is not necessary that you get used to the interface that comes to you by default, since you can change it from the options menu that is obtained pressing the directional Pad. This way you will be able to remove annoying elements that you don’t need on the screen. You can also make the radar bigger by selecting the corresponding option.


It is important that you learn to play poker in the camp.


It is important that you learn to play poker in the initial camps because in the future you will need it to make a lot of money. In the camps the bet is only one dollar, so you won’t lose any money.


You have to supply the character

As with most open-world titles, you need to feed your character, but also keep it clean. If you don’t take good care of your character, your stamina level will drop and it will be even worse when you shoot.


Tobacco, in the game, is good

Although it’s not okay to smoke, in the game you need to smoke or chew it because it will allow your Dead Eye to be at the highest level. But you must be aware that there is a limit to your daily consumption, so don’t waste it in unnecessary moments.


Pay your own reward

Over the course of the adventure different officers will put a price on your head, and that will cause mercenaries to attack you during the adventure in the most unexpected moments. If you have money, stop by a post office to pay all the prices that have been put on your head, and this way you will avoid being attacked later.


Fast travel isn’t free


During the first few hours of play it will be impossible to make quick trips, and you’ll have to use the train to travel long distances. Tickets usually cost between $5 and $15, so always have some money in your pocket.


Your horse doesn’t have an infallible ear

If you are in a large agglomeration or in the center of a city, you will not be able to call your horse since he will not listen to you. In this sense, if you think you’re going to need your horse for a while, don’t go too far.


Improve your camp

Don’t forget to visit the ledger to find out how your camp is doing. You can use this book to improve medical posts, defenses and food. This way you’ll always have good resources before you go on a mission and keep the whole camp happy so it produces more.


Always carry with you a potion to revive the horse.

You must also take care of your horse day by day, and to do this you must be aware of what you are doing and not include it in a dangerous shooting, for example. But when it is unavoidable to enter a shootout and kill your horse, you will have time to revive it if you carry the right potion. You may find it too much to pay $10 for this potion but always try to have a couple of them in your inventory.


You can shoot into the air

It’s a clever action that allows you to scare off enemies you don’t need to face. Sometimes the best way to save ammunition is to throw one into the air to scare dangerous animals that are nearby and could attack you a few seconds later.


You can increase the damage per bullet


To do this you can take advantage of the options that appear in the different camps and that you have available from the beginning of the game.