Art Of The Last Of US Part 2: Pre-Order, Cover, Price, Release Date

Early next year will finally see the release of the long-awaited The Last of Us: Part 2, Naughty Dog’s follow-up to one of the most beloved games of the last console generation. While the game itself is set to be the biggest game that the developer has ever made, those wishing to get even more out of the game’s world are in luck.

Amazon has recently updated a product page for The Art of the Last of Us Part 2, which obviously provides plenty of artwork and more insight into the game’s bleak world. The following is the official overview from the Amazon page:

“Follow Ellie’s profound and harrowing journey of vengeance through an exhaustive collection of original art and intimate creator commentary in the full-color hardcover volume: The Art of The Last of Us Part II.

Created in collaboration between Dark Horse Books and the developers at Naughty Dog, The Art of The Last of Us Part II offers extensive insights into the making of the long-awaited sequel to the award-winning The Last of Us.”

As is stated above, Dark Horse Books will be handling publishing duties for this new book. There are currently 200 pages set to be included, with the release date being set for March 3rd, 2020. This means that the art book is set to launch about a week after the game itself launches. There are two formats that the book will be released in, which are the $19.99 Kindle version and the $39.99 hardcover version. You can check out the cover of the book below.