Red Dead Redemption 2 players have been looking in vain for a fish that just isn’t there

Video games are incredibly fun and some of them are also quite challenging. Red Dead Redemption 2 fans, especially those who’ve been looking for the infamous “channel catfish” can certainly testify that some tasks are just not easy to complete in these games. To be honest, in the case of this particular task it’s downright impossible. That is because the channel catfish is nowhere to be found. Of course, there are some proofs that it exists in the game, but it actually doesn’t after all. Naturally, it’s hard to give up on the adventure, but it seems that this is the one task players just won’t get to complete.

The absence of the channel catfish was quickly noticed. However, until recently, no one knew just why none of the players managed to catch it. Now that the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 is out, some enthusiasts managed to shed some light on the matter. According to them, even though the creature can be found in the code of the game, there is no way players could actually get it. This might be a piece of somewhat good news for those who have been looking for it and were becoming frustrated that they didn’t find it, however, it is also bad news for those who invested a great deal of time in this quest. This is actually the kind of thing that can convince some players to just go back to whatever online casino real money games they were playing before Red Dead Redemption 2. There, at least, all tasks can be performed with a little luck.

Since the channel catfish is indeed in the code of the game, even more, it seems there is more than one creature of this kind in the code, it’s hard to imagine whatever happened to them. Of course, PC players can force the game to show the creature, however, it never appears without external help. Several theories regarding the mysterious creature of Red Dead Redemption 2 have emerged. Some keep thinking that the existence of the monster fish is only a myth. Others truly believe that Rocket did want to embed it in the game, but it just got cut out for one reason or another. Whatever the reason, one thing is sure: not one player managed to catch the channel catfish everyone was looking for. Even if they did, it’s hard to imagine what would have happened. After all, it is a very complex game with numerous possibilities.

Even without the mysterious creature, Red Dead Redemption 2 is an incredibly entertaining game to play. The Western-themed action-adventure game is full of great details that just won’t let players give up on it. Even though the developing team formed the scenes based on real spaces, the game’s action is actually set in 5 fictional US states. Two of them existed in the first edition of the game, the other three are only present in the Red Dead Redemption 2.

The action is set in 1899, and we must admit that the developers did a great job at recreating that world. They paid great attention not only to the scenery, but also to the costumes of the characters, and even the way they communicate. Basically, players can truly feel like they are riding in the Western, Midwestern, and Southern United States, back when gangs became famous for their bold heists. Even though its name would suggest otherwise, this game is actually a prequel to the original game, Red Dead Redemption so it is equally interesting to players of the original game and Red Dead Redemption 2 players. The majority of the characters remain the same, only the plot changes.

The Red Dead Redemption 2 is the first one of the series to be developed mainly for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. The game was released for the consoles more than a year ago but it only reached PCs earlier this month. Thanks to this latter release, players now know not to search for the channel catfish anymore as it won’t just show up in the game, no matter how long they play it. Of course, even without this particular quest, they can engage in entertaining adventures alongside their favorite characters. Who knows, maybe Red Dead Redemption 3 will actually bring along the mythical creature and will allow gamers to finally catch it. This will probably take a few more years if we are to consider the fact that Red Dead Redemption 2 arrived eight years after the Red Dead Redemption was released.