The latest League of Legends cinematic is the most epic thing you’ll see all day

When it comes to MOBAs, I have to admit that I generally prefer Dota 2 over all the others, but there was a time when League of Legends caught my attention in a big way. Like many other people out there, I too am very interested in playing a game if it has a good cinematic, and LoL happens to have several. The latest one however absolutely blew me away and made me seriously consider installing it again. Many of us look at the game as being somewhat cartoony because of the graphics and wound’t think of it as a bloody and violent game, but this trailer certainly makes it look like it is.

Maybe Riot wanted to gives us a new perspective or maybe they wanted us to take League of Legends a little bit more seriously when they made this. Either way, the latest cinematic is one of the best ones I’ve seen in a very long time and is sure to sway even more players to their side. I’ll be brutally honest here. This video is way more action-packed and dynamic than you’re regular LoL match, no doubt about it. But I do have to give Riot some credit for peaking my interest again with only these six and a half minutes of pure epicness. I think Dota 2 is still the better MOBA, but it can’t even hold a candle to League of Legends when it comes to cinematics that much is for certain.

We’ve seen a lot of activity lately from Riot and it almost looks like they want to prove something with some of their more recent decisions. Trailers aside, the company seems very aggressive in weeding out toxic players and making a better community. Many believe that League of Legends is one of the most unfriendliest games towards newcomers so the company definitely has a lot of work to do if they plan to prove otherwise. All MOBAs are like that to a certain degree, but for some reason things are even worst in LoL. Hopefully Riot will be able to come up with an effective solution sooner rather than later.

With Dota 2’s The International 2014 now over, e-sports fans are looking forward to the next big event. The League of Legends 2014 World Championships will take place in South Korea this year with the final to be held October 19th on the FIFA Sangam Stadium.