The Cinematic Art Of Overwatch – Price, Cover, Release Date

Blizzard’s hero shooter may not be the game that everyone is talking about anymore like it was back in 2016, but it still has a loyal following with lots of daily players. It also helps that the developer continues to heavily support the game, adding new heroes and tweaks to keep fans engaged. Those wanting to get a little more out of the game’s world will then want to check out an upcoming book we want to tell you about.

Amazon has recently posted a product page for The Cinematic Art of Overwatch, revealing things like the price, cover and release date. First up we have the official synopsis, which is the following:

“Starting with the announcement trailer in 2014, Overwatch’s award-winning cinematics captured the hearts of millions across the world, introducing them to a hopeful science-fiction world where heroes are needed.

Crafting these animated shorts required the Blizzard cinematics team to explore new ways of animated filmmaking with a bold new art style, more frequent releases, and intimate collaboration with the game team. The Cinematic Art of Overwatch chronicles this journey, featuring never-before-seen art and anecdotes that illustrate how Overwatch’s richly imagined characters and world were brought to life through cinematic storytelling.”

Blizzard Entertainment themselves are handling publishing duties for this book, with there currently being 244 total pages listed on the product page. There is currently only one version of the book mentioned, which is the hardcover version that is currently set at $45.00. Amazon prices do tend to fluctuate, however, so this price may increase and/or decrease over time. It does have a pre-order guarantee, so if you pre-order you will get the lowest price offered if the price ever does go down.

The Cinematic Art of Overwatch is set to launch on October 20th, and you can check out the cover of the book below.