Back To The Future: Back In Time Board Game – Price, Release Date, More

Back to the Future fans have something new to look forward to this month, as a new board game based on the hit sci-fi series is on the horizon. Amazon has recently posted a product page for Back to the Future: Back In Time board game, revealing things like the price and release date.

First up we have the official product description, which is the following:

“Prepare for a DeLorean-fueled race against time to prevent Marty McFly’s future from fading away! Players take on the roles of major characters from the blockbuster movie that launched the time traveling trilogy and helped define the 1980s. Players work together to defeat Biff and his trouble-making gang while ensuring Marty’s parents fall in love and the DeLorean accelerates to 88 mph in time to blast Back to the Future. Filled with cinematic touchstones and fun strategic choices, this is the game fans have been waiting for!”

The game is for 2-4 players, with Marty McFly, Doc Brown, Jennifer Parker and Einstein being the playable characters. The average game will take about 50 minutes to complete, bringing major movie plot points into the fold for an experience that should bring a smile to the face of any fan of the movie.

The Back to the Future: Back In Time board game will release on June 20th, and the price is currently set for $39.99. Amazon prices do tend to fluctuate, but a pre-order price guarantee ensures you will get the lowest price ever offered if it does drop.

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