Ghost Trick, made by the developer of Ace Attorney, might be coming to PC

In 2010, the Nintendo DS game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective was launched. You solve mysteries and prevent murders by possessing items and bodies in this linear detective game developed and directed by Shu Takumi, the man behind the Phoenix Wright series.

Gematsu discovered the rating. The rating for Ghost Trick is “GG-CC-NP,” with the “NP” element probably designating a PC game classification. Gamepia, which distributes Capcom video games in Korea, is mentioned as the publisher.

Even though this information looks flimsy, it has been done before. Seven years after it debuted on the 3DS, Shu Takumi’s The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles was finally made available in the west and on the PC last year. A ratings listing in Taiwan caused information about the PC port to leak.

I am aware of everything regarding Ghost Trick. I found out via renowned Takumi fan Matthew Castle, who I believe primarily discussed it in magazines and on podcasts that I am unable to find. It is a “great chunk of linear storytelling coupled with puzzles,” he did tweet once. Additionally, it’s a game where you can take control of corpses to experience the final moments of their lives and change them by doing so, which is always awesome. I really hope it makes it to PC.

I don’t think the video above really conveys what playing Ghost Trick is like, so here is the “Steamed hams but it’s a Ghost Trick chapter”: