Warren Spector is developing an immersive multiplayer game

Argos: Riders On The Storm, the upcoming game from his firm, has been discussed by Warren Spector. preferably in the fullest sense. Spector claims that Argos is multiplayer and “the next stage in immersive simulators” in a brief interview with IGN.

IGN quotes Spector as saying, “I’m a tireless supporter for immersive simulators.” “I’ve been wondering for years what the next step in immersive simulations will be. I believe I have it figured out. Evidently, multiplayer is the solution. Spector declares, “I really ought to give multiplayer a shot.

The only other topics covered by Spector are D&D’s influence, his wish for players to be able to tell their own stories through the game, and some sweeping assertions about their ambition. “Every game needs to feature one unique element that has never been seen or done in a game before, in my opinion. The game we’re now developing will do that, I swear to you,” says Spector.

Even I, he continues, “look at what we’re doing and think we’re crazy if people demand ‘original and innovative’.” The group is going above and above what I asked for.

Similar ambiguity surrounds the project on the Otherside Entertainment website, which merely adds that it takes place in a “alien yet strangely familiar universe.”

No matter how ambiguous the statements above are, Spector’s work on Deus Ex, System Shock, and Ultima Underworld means that I’ll pay attention. However, I’m not sure that his current track record has given him the benefit of the doubt. Although the IGN article is careful to point out that Spector wasn’t director of the project, he was more involved with Otherside’s System Shock 3. Otherside’s previous game was the terrible, unfinished Underworld Ascendant. It encountered publisher issues, which resulted in the firing of its production team, and Tencent currently holds the rights to the sequel without consulting Otherside. Even if there may have been some bad luck involved, the idea didn’t seem like it had much promise before it failed.

Hopefully, this time, everything turns out better. For Deus Ex’s 20th anniversary in 2020, Spector was the subject of our last interview.