On N7 Day, Mass Effect 5 Teased Fans with a Suspicious Piece of Concept Art

With concept art that appears to show a mass relay being constructed or restored, BioWare teased the upcoming Mass Effect game on N7 Day.

A brief statement from BioWare was sent on Twitter along with a video of the concept art that moves just a little. You may also download it in HD if you really want to look closely.

Happy #N7Day from across the stars! We found this fascinating video, which you might want to look at a little bit closer.

The next Mass Effect game’s project director, Mike Gamble, also provided some insight into the series’ future.

The majority of the reason Gamble and his team still enjoy working on the first Mass Effect, nearly 15 years after its release, is the community’s friendliness, commitment, and passion, he said. “We’ve faced challenges together, sacrificed Ashley together (Editor’s Note: Or Kaidan, Mike! We all make different choices.) and laughed until our faces were tired together. For those of you who are new to Mass Effect (thanks, Legendary Edition! ), welcome! I can guarantee that many more years of fun, adventures, and characters you’ll fall in love with are still ahead.

“Regardless of when you joined us, I can state with assurance that we are where we are because of you, and every N7 Day is a beautiful reminder of that. We have four games and several expansions. Every week is a fun and interesting challenge for the team as we go forward. Although there is much more we would like to share with you about how much we enjoy creating this universe, it will have to wait until another time.

The message continued, “For now, there is something we want you to look at. We’ve intercepted some weird film from one of the monitoring stations in known space. It could be nothing, though.

There will be spoilers for Mass Effect 3’s conclusion.

The Destroy ending from Mass Effect 3 may eventually become the canon ending, according to this graphic. The Reaper technology that made it simple to move throughout space was destroyed when Shepard was able to eliminate the threat posed by the Reaper.

Given that the Reapers will be exterminated in the Destroy ending, the image might allude to their reconstruction using fresh, cutting-edge technology. It would make sense for this to be a continuation of this story if not a direct sequel as Liara was shown in the initial teaser for this next Mass Effect game.

Another option is that humans or another species have learned how to build their own mass relays. In truth, anything is conceivable!

The image is accompanied by the caption, “Vacuum-doc Relay Construction Record / Monitoring Station Operated by Green Dagger Ltd. Property of Deepspace Dhow SAV / Ship Captain: Sub-Navarch Soa’Rhal Zhilian-Jones,” in addition to the image itself.

If we attempt to decipher the writing, we discover that this monitoring station is run by Green Dagger Ltd., a business from the Mass Effect universe that we haven’t yet seen. The captain of the ship’s name is another thing we don’t know.

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