There is a no-soap PowerWash Simulator speedrun on the AGDQ 2023 schedule

Awesome Games Done Quick, a speedrunning charity event, will return in January with a sizable number of PC runs on its recently released preliminary schedule. PowerWash Simulator, which is debatably my favorite GOTY contender, and Stray, an adorable cyberpunk cat sim, are notable highlights this time around. One week before Google Stadia shuts down permanently, there is also a Google Stadia run of the maritime indie action-adventure game Wavetale.

The Powerwash Simulator run for AGDQ 2023 is scheduled for Friday, January 13, which just so happens to be a holiday. So, best of luck to everyone competing there. Thanks to its requirements of six participants, all cars, and no soap, that run ought to be fascinating. The PowerWash run is expected to last 45 minutes, which is really quick. On January 12, Stray is added to the program as a bonus run under the Any% unrestricted heading. It ought to take little under an hour.

Additionally, you may anticipate Neon White’s first speedrun and a Cult Of The Lamb simple mode Any% unrestricted run. The event in January won’t take place in person because of Florida. As I mentioned back in September, the “Don’t Say Gay” statute and anti-mandate vaccination measures in the US state forced the AGDQ organizers to cancel their reservation for the venue in 2020. The whole AGDQ 2023 speedrun schedule is available here.

Awesome Beginning on January 8 and ending on January 15 is Games Done Quick 2023. The Prevent Cancer Foundation receives every donation. You may watch on Games Done Quick’s website, YouTube channel, and Twitch page.