Nintendo Switch Sports Tees Are Included In A Japanese Switch Bundle That Will Be Released In December

Next month, a new Nintendo Switch bundle with the console and a digital copy of Nintendo Switch Sports will be on sale in Japan.

The bundle will be swinging for the shelves on December 16 for 37,980 (roughly £226), just in time for the game’s much-anticipated addition of the golf mode.

The bundle also includes a one-year membership to Nintendo Switch Online in addition to the Switch (with Neon Red / Blue Joy-Cons, of course) and a copy of the game. With the upcoming increase in Switch Sports sales over the holiday season, this latter addition is certain to be a hit. Nothing says Boxing Day like playing a round of 18 online with your friends.

Even though the bundle currently seems to be exclusive to Japan, we can’t help but be reminded of the Wii’s launch. Even though Nintendo Switch Sports’ “full” release has taken a while, thanks to its Wii Sports-like simplicity, it is perfect for some festive family play.