Reportedly, client information from GameStop’s website includes addresses

According to reports, the retailer GameStop disclosed customer data including billing addresses and payment information.

On Saturday, customers were allegedly seeing other users’ information when refreshing their order pages, according to numerous users on social media.

Although one user shared a picture of a partial credit card number, it’s unclear if this also includes full numbers.

One Reddit user observed that “it’s like a cycle of four or five people,” adding that “every time I refresh the website, I can see someone else’s name, phone number, address, order history.” This is extremely concerning because the glitch prevents even changing the password.

Another user commented, “Oh God, I tried it and it’s doing it for me too.” Addresses, birthdays, emails, etc…. This is awful.

You can view the digital currency codes as the verification code is sent to your email, they continued. By clicking on a card, my friend could see the complete credit card number, however the page rapidly refreshed after that.

On Saturday, one Twitter user claimed they could switch between different account just by refreshing their screen.

The GameStop website was acting strangely and kept switching between a few dozen different profiles for me. The items in the cart, the Pro Rewards points, and the name at the top of the screen were constantly changing. I believed I was seriously being hacked, but the GS app appears to be stable.