Pre-Orders for PSVR2 No Longer Need an Invitation

You can now buy a PSVR2 headset if you want to because Sony has abolished the invitation requirement for pre-orders from its PS Direct storefront. The platform owner had previously restricted access to the device to people who have expressed interest in purchasing it, but that restriction has been lifted and it is now available to anyone. If you pre-order today, according to shipping estimates, you should get the accessory no later than a week after launch.

Some claim that this is proof that the original pre-order period was a failure, but we’re not sure we agree given the absence of specific information on how many units the Japanese company plans to send on day one. We believe the invite system has worked as planned, allowing aficionados and not resellers to get first dibs on the device. We believe interest in this peripheral was always going to be lower than a new console launch. We had anticipated a general release to come after.
As a reminder, if you place a pre-order, you won’t have to pay for it until it is delivered. However, there may be a temporary holding charge placed on your account to make sure you have the necessary money. Therefore, if you’re still keen to get a PSVR2 headset, you can do so here.