Miyamoto disliked Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s early elephant design

Super Mario Bros. Wonder has a unique design, and while fans love the new Elephant power-up, Mario’s creator wasn’t as impressed.

In the latest press rounds promoting this upcoming Switch exclusive, the game’s director Shiro Mouri said Shigeru Miyamoto questioned Elephant Mario’s look earlier in development, but it was mostly because the design hadn’t been finalized.

Mouri explained how Miyamoto arrived early and made a bad impression. Miyamoto did offer some helpful elephant movement advice. This moment apparently went like this:

Shiro Mouri: “It was a phase where we still had tentative visuals for Elephant Mario, and we had plans to adjust the visuals already, but he [Miyamoto] had come and taken a look before that and he gave us the sharp comment that ‘This doesn’t look like a Mario character.’ Along the same topics, there was the idea of how Elephant Mario sprays water, he came and said that if an elephant was actually spraying water, it wouldn’t move that way, and that was an example of feedback he gave us.”

Luckily, this happened before the new power-up, and the rest is history. In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, any character can become an elephant and ride Yoshi! Discover more in our latest feature: