The next “No Limit Parade” at Universal Studios Japan will feature Pokémon and Mario

Theme park culture is progressively adopting parades as a mainstay. What initially offered the chance to see Mickey Mouse and a man playing a trumpet stroll down the street has become into a massive event featuring elaborate floats, dancing routines, and audience involvement. Now that Universal Studios Japan has joined the frenzy, Mario and other Pokémon are coming along for the journey.

While we were unsure of the specifics, we have known for some time that Pokémon would play some role in Universal Studios Japan. The franchise appears to be one of the main draws in the park’s planned “No Limit Parade,” which opens on March 1, 2023.

The announcement was made on Twitter, and @tdrexplorer supplied the following summary:

A trailer for the event that was officially issued by the park is included at the top of this article. We’d think it does a fantastic job at illustrating the essence of the parade by providing peeks of the Mario Kart and Pokémon floats while putting bubbles, music, and dancing center stage. The Pokémon float will have a dancing Pikachu and a Charizard that exhales smoke and flaps its wings (the best kind of Pikachu). A large number of regulars from the Mushroom Kingdom are karted up and waving at the crowd in the Mario float, which is modeled after Rainbow Road.

The No Limit Parade will be the first parade to pass through the park since the COVID-19 pandemic, when all events were halted. Although there are presently no limits in place in Hollywood or Florida (the locations of the two impending Super Nintendo Worlds), it is unknown if the procession will travel across continents and become a staple of the Universal Studios experience.