The release date for the reboot of System Shock is currently set for March

Nightdive has announced that a March 2023 release date is the objective for their System Shock remake.

Nightdive, a company that specializes in remasters, originally agreed to release the crowd-funded remake in 2017, 2018, 2020, and 2021.

The developer asserted that things were different this time in a fresh Kickstarter post as it prepared to take what it called the “last significant steps” toward actually launching the game.

It said, “Over the past several years much has changed. As some of you have already pointed out this is not our first time announcing a tentative launch timeframe.
The project’s scope and scale have significantly changed, and now that Prime Matter has joined, we can concentrate on quality-of-life enhancements, bug fixes, and localization support—the final crucial stages before delivering a game of which we are all immensely happy.

This has also given us the opportunity to revisit and refine a number of game-related elements that required further polish.

The update also provides a preview of some of the brand-new visual effects and enemy varieties that will appear in the finished product.

Nightdive Studios clarified the situation with the long-missing System Shock 3 last year, saying that Tencent is now in charge of whether or not the sequel is produced.
Nightdive CEO Stephen Kick stated during a speech at Gamescom that the Chinese company had acquired the rights to the third game that Nightdive had initially given to Austin-based Otherside Entertainment.

In other words, Tencent now owns the rights to the third game, while we have the right to rebuild the first game and perhaps the second as well. That’s essentially how things stand at the moment.