A global demo of Dragon Quest Treasures has been made available by Square Enix

Update: The Dragon Quest Treasures demo is now available for download on the North American and European eShops, a few weeks after the Japanese demo became live on the eShop.

Dragon Quest players, start your treasure hunt!

Article at first: In keeping with its reputation for providing generous game samples, Square Enix has returned with one for its most recent Dragon Quest spin-off, Dragon Quest Treasures.

This month’s early release of this game for the Switch earned favorable reviews from the critics. We scored the game eight out of ten stars in our own Nintendo Life review and called it a “excellent” introduction to the RPG subgenre. Veterans can also enjoy it just as much.

You may now get a complete demo of this game from the Japanese eShop if you’ve been wanting to try it out and have access to a Japanese eShop account. The demo’s inclusion of English subtitles raises the possibility that it will eventually be made available worldwide.

You can play up until the point where you start gathering treasure, which is another thing to keep in mind. If they choose to buy the full version, players can also transfer their progress from the demo to that version.