Bossa Studios, Developers of the Surgeon Simulator, Have Announced the Layoff of One Third of Their Employees

The UK studio Bossa Studios, which makes the Surgeon Simulator games, will have to lay off almost a third of its employees by the year 2023.

A “perfect storm of events” led to this, according to’s interview with co-founder Henrique Olifiers, who added that the team had worked tirelessly to “avoid being in this position”:

Because of where we are in the year, we had to make the tough choice to reorganize the studio so that we could devote our full resources to Lost Skies. Unfortunately, this puts us in the terrible situation of having to lay off almost a third of the studio’s employees, including some of our dearest friends and coworkers.

“While we are doing our utmost to support them, we would appreciate any help our industry peers can give in spreading the word about these great people—or even better, hiring them as part of your team.”

Currently, the studio is hard at work on its next game, Lost Skies, a cooperative survival adventure set in the clouds that will support 1–6 people. Among the studio’s past works are 2018’s Surgeon Simulator CPR for the Switch eShop and games like I Am Fish and I Am Bread.