Utilize the Free PS Plus Premium Trial to Play Gotham Knights

You may watch the first hour of Gotham Knights thanks to a recently uploaded PS Plus Premium trial. Anyone who has the most expensive level of PS Plus can visit the PS Store and begin downloading the client, giving them access to the PS5 superhero experience’s stunning opening cutscene and opening gameplay sequences.

This is only one of several recent PS Plus Premium trials, which also includes a two-hour The Last of Us: Part I demo timed to the debut of the TV version. Click the link to get a list of all PS Plus Premium Time Limited Trials.

In our Gotham Knights PS5 review, we appreciated the game’s combat systems, investigation sequences, and story (which you can catch a glimpse of in the PS Plus Premium Trial). We gave the game a 7/10 because of the occasionally problematic controls and the uninspiring open environment. Are you planning to try Gotham Knights through PS Plus Premium?