Snipperclips, A Fantastic Co-Op Puzzler, Is The Upcoming Nintendo Switch Online Game Trial (Europe)

Following UNO, Nintendo has revealed that Snipperclips will be the next free game trial for Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers in Europe. Users of NSO will be able to try out this adorable little puzzle game, which was a Switch launch title, starting on January 27.

Snipperclips makes use of its paper aesthetic throughout and offers cooperative gameplay for up to four players or solo play. To complete each task, which can involve balancing a pencil on your head, shooting a basketball into the goal, or drawing arrows or other shapes, you’ll need to cut out pieces of other characters.

Additionally, there is a Party mode where you can tackle original puzzles and a Blitz mode where you can play hockey and basketball with your friends or just keep taking each other out one by one.

Only subscribers in Europe are presently eligible for this free trial. Up until January 29th, UNO is the trial game in North America; we can safely assume that Snipperclips will follow suit.