Vladivostok Will Rain Bullets on PSVR2 in a Chaotic FPS!

Later this year, the stylized first-person shooter Desperate: Vladivostok will release for the PSVR2. The game, which was revealed during Perp Games’ surprisingly packed virtual reality showcase, will be available on Sony’s next-generation console both physically and digitally.

You’ll “hit, shoot, and dodge” your way through 46 fist-pumping combat gauntlets in this new game, which is set in a vibrant post-Soviet world. There will also be an endless Arena mode where you can compete for the highest score to increase replay value.

To be completely honest, this isn’t the most novel concept out there. However, if the gunplay is as intense on PSVR2 as it appears in the trailer, this could be a fun gun-fu outing with a vibrant artstyle, and we’re totally cool with that!