The God of War TV series aims to please everyone

Even though the God of War TV series is presumably still far from completion, it appears to be progressing nicely. According to the latest information, the Amazon Prime show will be based on the plot of God of War (2018), a choice that has already drawn some criticism given how important Kratos’ origins and backstory (as explored in the original games) are to the development of his character.

However, it appears that this adaptation will at least make an effort to elaborate. “I’m so impressed with what they’re already doing in terms of building out that world and expanding […] expanding it so that if you don’t know the game, it’s still going to be a really satisfying show on its own,” Sony Pictures president Katherine Pope tells Deadline. In case you were concerned, the suit also makes it clear that the series will continue to “keep all the values of the game.”

Despite the fact that it’s unlikely that we’ll learn much more about God of War anytime soon, we’re curious to see how everything comes together. The Last of Us from HBO has just recently shown that Sony’s games can be turned into entertaining TV shows, but it’s fair to say that Kratos’ adventures present a different kind of challenge. The games, after all, place a big emphasis on action, and good action requires a big budget.

What do you expect from the God of War franchise? Do you believe it will be accomplished successfully or will it be challenging?