Konami Registers Trademark for Unknown “Project Zircon”

Project Zircon is a trademark that Konami has applied for. We have no idea what this signifies; it was discovered yesterday by Gematsu and submitted on March 7, but it has some folks pondering.

Zircon has very few connections to the corporation overall, as Gematsu points out on Twitter, but there is one that will be interesting to us (and this writer especially) because zircon is a jewel that you can sell in the Castlevania series for a rather pitiful sum of money.

The precious stone has appeared in the Symphony of the Night, Lament of Innocence, and Order of Ecclesia. It is occasionally mistaken for the most expensive diamond. So, will Symphony of the Night receive a new port, possibly this time on the Switch? Possibly a compilation of the Dawn of Sorrow and Portrait of Ruin trilogies? or even a fresh Castlevania game. Actually, we have no idea.

Since this trademark is all we have, we shouldn’t get our hopes up too high. After all, the trademark mentions game machines several times, but not always, so it could be a part of one of Konami’s game machines.

Both the Cowabunga Collection and the Castlevania Advance Collection are great collections that show how well Konami has done in the past few years.Hell, this year will see the release of a Switch version of the Suikoden 1 and II remakes.

Konami has been a bit of a tease lately, though; back in January, the company claimed to have a number of unannounced projects in the works. Then, in February, our pals at Push Square revealed that there were rumors Konami would hold a “huge E3” and announce a remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 and a new Castlevania. (via the most recent episode of VGC). Hey, Bomberman enthusiasts, reportedly there will be more Bomberman games released after Super Bomberman R 2.