A stunning new game for the Game Boy Advance may be available via Kickstarter

OrionSoft, a lone game developer, has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a brand-new Game Boy Advance title.

The game, titled “Alice Sisters,” is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter to make it available on the GBA, PS1, and Atari Falcon 030 in addition to the SEGA Megadrive / Genesis and Dreamcast platforms, where it is already available. The game is a fun platformer that also supports two-player cooperative play. During 28 stages scattered across 4 different planets, you’ll be assisting Alice and her sister in saving their mother.

You can connect two GBA consoles via the link cable to play co-op games, according to OrionSoft, which means you only need one copy of the game to take use of the multiplayer features.

Listed below are some of OrionSoft’s features:

– 4 unique worlds
– 28 levels
– 4 bosses
– 4 game modes (from children easy to hardcore gamer mode, and a “think before you play” puzzle mode)
– Cute graphics
– An auto-save system

Backers should plan on spending at least €14 for a copy of the GBA ROM file, €40 for just the GBA cartridge, and €55 for the whole game.There are currently 26 days left to support the project, and the physical game is expected to be ready in September 2023.

Will you support this brand-new Game Boy Advance title?