LEGO 2K Drive Trophy List Is a PS5, PS4 Completionist’s Dream

LEGO 2K Drive is a week away, and this colorful racing game looks great. This arcadey open world game lets you customize your cars and explore large free-roaming spaces, making it an all-ages hit. According to the Trophy list, this game will be great for map-hunters.

Exophase now has all 39 Trophies, including Platinum. In Story Mode, you’ll get some by driving around each location, but to see and do everything, you’ll have to search every corner for collectibles. Drive 6,000 miles, destroy 15,000 objects, 200 traffic vehicles, and hit 200 pedestrians. Those should add up quickly.

Complete certain races, drift 5,000 meters, reach level 30 in Story Mode, and complete all quests to get the Plat. So, lots to do!