amiibo Update: More Rare amiibo are Being Made for a U.S. Release

Nintendo has struck gold with its amiibo platform. The first wave of figures were relatively easy to find. However, the second, third, and fourth wave was a different story. Certain figures like Rosalina, Little Mac, and Captain Falcon are essentially sold out. If you aren’t lucky to land a pre-order online your only other option is to camp outside a store. Gamers eager to purchase the figures have become known as “amiibo hunters”. Reddit and other sites are filled with amiibo hunters hoping to score some rare figures. Gamers have even created a rarity chart. Figures can be common, uncommon, rare, semi-rare or the elusive unicorn.

If you happen to see a villager or Wii Fit Trainer figure in-store you have just found a unicorn. Earlier this year, Nintendo stated that they would only make more of a certain amiibo if there was enough demand for it. Distribution of amiibo was also affected by the West Coast Port strike that happened a couple months ago. I have some great news to share with you amiibo hunters. Nintendo is manufacturing another round of rare amiibo figures scheduled to release in the U.S.

Nintendo’s official website has listed these amiibo figures that have met the CPSIA Compliance. The amiibo listed on this site shows which figures will be distributed for release in the U.S. Gamers can expect Sonic, MetaKnight, Ike, and Marth for a future release. The site also lists the Yoshi and Luigi Super Mario series amiibo for a re-release. This is great news for anyone that’s hoping to buy Ike, Marth, and MetaKnight. Gamers that missed out on the initial sale of these figures now have another chance to purchase one. Let’s hope the scalpers are far away when they do go on sale.

It’s not known why Nintendo has chosen to make more of these amiibo. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse utilizes the MetaKnight amiibo. While CodeName S.T.E.A.M. uses Ike and Marth. A lot of gamers that purchased both of these titles are missing out on features that only amiibo offers. At the same time, the re-release of these amiibo figures means additional sales for both of these games. In the last direct, Nintendo stated that Marth would launch sometime soon. It’s unknown when the other amiibo will launch.  Keep an eye opened to your local stores amiibo hunters!