WoW Patch 6.2 Preview: Timewalking

Earlier this week Blizzard released the patch 6.2 for their popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft, onto their Public Test Realms. Though it will be a while until Patch is released onto the live servers, this is the first major look that players will be able to get at the new content that awaits. The patch will be introducing changes that are expected with every patch, such as a new raid and some balance changes. However, there are also a number of exciting new features awaiting players. One of the more interesting features is what Blizzard is calling “Timewalking”.

Timewalking will allow players to have their max-level characters scaled-down to an appropriate level to run old dungeons from previous expansions. The bosses in these dungeons will drop the same loot that they used to drop in the past. These items, however, will be scaled up so they will be usable for max level characters with most bosses dropping 680 item-level pieces and the final bosses of each dungeon dropping 700 item-level.

The dungeons that will be utilized in this new Timewalking feature will include, The Arcatraz, Black Morass, Mana-Tombs, The Shattered Halls, The Slave Pens, Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom, Gundrak, Halls of Lightning, The Nexus, and Utgarde Pinnacle. These dungeons will also not always be available. They will only be able to be ran during certain three-day holiday weekends through out the year, running from noon on Friday until noon on the following Monday.

This new Timewalking feature is not exactly anything mind-blowing. This is not the first time Blizzard has scaled players down to allow them to run old content on their higher level characters. During the 10th Anniversary, they did something very similar with the Molten Core raid. With the popularity of running old content, it is nice to see Blizzard add more ways for players to re-experience some of their favorite dungeons, while also having the chance to earn new gear for their max-level characters. If you are interested in reading more about Timewalking, an article previewing it can be found at the World of Warcraft site.