The ever-popular PlayStation®3, PlayStation®4, and Xbox 360 racing simulation Gran Turismo 7 is getting five new free vehicles

Even though Gran Turismo 7 received its largest update to date last month with the massive and highly acclaimed PSVR2 patch, nothing can slow down this high-powered sports car. Exactly on schedule, series creator Kazunori Yamauchi has taken to social media to announce the arrival of five more free vehicles, which will be included in next week’s update.

Gassheads have been hard at work trying to determine what makes and models these vehicles are, and so far we’ve got a couple of Porsches, an Audi RS5 DTM, a Toyota Alphard, and a Mazda 3. Until the actual models are announced, it is nearly impossible to determine the exact versions of these vehicles because the lineup has been teased using silhouettes.

Furthermore, this may not be the final form of the update at all. There was a large patch last month, but every time developer Polyphony Digital updates the game, it also adds new Scapes and other features. There is one thing we do know, though: on March 29th, the team’s beta AI GT Sophy will be retired.

All this points to Wednesday as the likely release date for the update, but we’ll keep you posted on the exact release date as soon as we have it. Meanwhile, Gran Turismo 7 has made it onto our list of the best PSVR2 games because it is so impressive in the virtual reality medium.