No one on the Like a Dragon team slept well this week

The Like a Dragon games (previously known as Yakuza, of course) are all excellent, but they share a few characteristics in common. So, have some sympathy for Ryu ga Gotoku Studio, who, not content with merely creating the games, opted to live-stream the entire series in one go.

It began the challenge on March 17 and finished it on March 24, clocking 170 hours total. To be clear, it only played the most important games in the Yakuza series, which began with Yakuza 0 and ended with Yakuza 6. Even so, that’s a huge chunk of Kamurocho, and a lot of fighting to get to the pinnacle of Millennium Tower.

Due to the length of time the livestream was active, several noteworthy events occurred: Kazuma Kiryu voice actor Takaya Kuroda and Goro Majima’s Hidenari Ugaki both made appearances. The cast and crew of Ryu ga Gotoku will get back to work next week because Like a Dragon 8 isn’t going to produce itself, now is it?