F-Zero 99 1.1.0 Update Introducing “Classic Race” Mode This Week

F-Zero 99, a Switch online battle royale racer, will get an update on November 29.

Speed demons can expect new modes and functions in Version 1.1.0. In “Classic Race” mode, you can fight online using the same rules as F-Zero on the Super Nintendo.

The same announcement details these rules, explaining how the course will use the “same screen ratio” as the classic game (4:3). The number of players is limited to 20, spin attack and Skyway are disabled, KO power meter increases are removed, and turbo is adjusted.

Nintendo adds a “Lucky Card” that tracks rankings and machines across five races in this update. You’ll get extra prizes if it matches after five races. Finally, Nintendo will keep adding “small updates” to F-Zero 99 to improve the game.

When Nintendo releases this update and the full English patch notes, we’ll post them on Nintendo Life. This update follows Nintendo’s October announcement of the King League and F-Zero 99’s “final new tracks.”