Despite Financial Success, Bungie Claims Destiny 2’s Lightfall DLC “Missed the Mark”

Bungie responded to criticism of Destiny 2’s latest expansion, Lightfall, in a blog post.

The mea culpa discusses Destiny-verse achievements during the past month. Destiny 2 had its “largest number of concurrent players in years” for Lightfall, which “surpassed our sales projections for a new addition,” with “record-breaking” viewing of the World First race to complete the Root of Nightmares raid.

Nonetheless, many have complained about the title’s complicated advancement and seasonal ranking system, Legendary Campaign’s bullet-spongey foes, and other flaws. “With a solid quantity of data now under our belts, it’s evident we missed the mark on several of our goals and needed to make improvements based on constructive feedback,” Bungie says.

Before Season 21 of the live-service juggernaut begins on May 23, the studio promises changes. The post is worth reading for game progression fans.