How Splatoon 3 Records Salmon Run Music

Nintendo Life loves Salmon Run. Splatoon 3’s game mode adds enemies, bosses, and eggs to the Turf War Battle’s “ink, swim, repeat” format. It also has a great soundtrack to make the race to the goal more exciting.

Nintendo of America released a video showing the intense concentration required to make these tense songs.

Seigen Tokuzawa, the band’s cellist, plays a Salmon Run medley in the video above. Who knew a human played the tunes?

‘Frothy Waters’, ‘Bait & Click (Mutation)’, and ‘Toxic Anoxic’ show Tokuzawa’s speed and precision as the tempo increases.

Last month, Nintendo shared a video showing how Deep Cut makes Splatoon 3’s music, so it’s nice to see the process for a different game mode.

This gets us excited for next week’s Zelda-themed Splatfest, where we’ll choose Triforce elements and fight to the death.