Geometry Survivor is an exciting new game that brings intense rogue-lite survival auto-shooter action to the Nintendo Switch

If you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the Geometry Wars series in the past or have a fondness for games like Vampire Survivors, you might find yourself intrigued by this new release from indie studio Brain Seal. It bears a striking resemblance to some familiar titles.

This game is called Geometry Survivor, and it’s a rogue-lite survival auto-shooter with visuals that bear a resemblance to the Geometry Wars. The game will be released on the Switch and various other platforms on February 21st, 2024. Additionally, there is a free demo currently accessible for trial on Steam.

Here’s some information about it, straight from the PR:

“Geometry Survivor offers a survival experience with rogue-lite elements, where players fight waves of enemies, unlock innovative upgrades, acquire new ships, and conquer the challenging grid world.

“With one-handed control and auto-shooter mechanics, players must endure 20 minutes of intense combat, facing diverse enemies and enjoying retro visuals and music reminiscent of the 80s.”


  • Single-handed control: Easily navigate your ship using only one hand
  • Auto-Shooter: Your weapons fire automatically, allowing you to focus on survival
  • Weapons: Every playthrough offers a distinct assortment of weapons
  • Unlock Upgrades: Earn credits to unlock new upgrades that will enhance your experience
  • Enemies: Experience the diverse range of enemies, each with their own unique AI
  • A thrilling 20 minutes of non-stop action
  • The visuals and music have a nostalgic charm reminiscent of the 80s
  • The gameplay is absolutely delightful!